Celebrating a Visionary

15th August is an important day for Indians. It was on this date in 1947 that the British left India after about three and a half centuries. To me though, 15th August means more than the anniversary of the day we became independent. I celebrate the day as the birth anniversary of a visionary – Thatha ( my maternal grandfather), whose choices have uplifted and shaped many lives.

My Thatha was a human with the heart of God. My words are gravely insufficient to describe his greatness. He effortlessly played many roles – a father-figure, friend, pioneer and mentor to name a few. Even now, he lives on through us, inspiring us to do the same and guiding us to take his legacy a giant step forward.

The first thing I remember about him is the glow in his eyes when he saw us during our summer vacations. He was always waiting there to receive us, sitting on the sofa near the swing, reading Deccan Herald. There was always an infectious smile on his face – a smile I will miss every second of my life.

I admire the way he organized his things. He preserved the smallest of things, no matter how old. The way he maintained everything he had – his electronic gadgets or the medical reports of his children, could really put most of us to shame. I will always be a fan of the perfectly manicured lawn and the beauty of the Mayflowers that grew at the edge, apart from the cacti on the compound wall. Creativity ran in his veins. He designed household furniture depending on the practical day-to-day usage. I can visualize him designing one of the wardrobes in the storage room. The latest idea I saw was that of a newspaper holder made of a PVC pipe, so the newspaper wouldn’t get wet in the rains.

He was always there to help us when we needed him, be it with our projects, assignments or with the civil-related problems. His mere presence reassured us that everything was going to be fine. The thing that I admire even more is that he wouldn’t think twice before asking us for help if he was facing any difficulty with any of his gadgets. His love for learning inspires me to aim higher in life.

There was never a dull moment in for him – there was always something interesting to learn or do. He had the latest Apple gadgets with the latest software updates. We would discuss about the most interesting apps in the iStore. The more I learn about him, the more amazed I am.

He will always be the brightest star in the sky – our guiding light, helping us to be better individuals, and encouraging us to make an impact on others, the way he made an impact on us.