“All those in the school premises are requested to stand up for the prayers. Please join your hands and close your eyes.” This was the first thing I heard when I walked into my school. There would be about 20 minutes of prayer at the beginning of each day. It’s been quite some time since I heard those words.

I went to my old school on the pretext of picking my sister up after she got back from her picnic. On being asked to proceed to her classroom and wait there, I was more than thrilled. All I really wanted was a chance to see my old classroom again and relive those memories just once more.

The first thing I noticed on entering the gate was the lovely statue of Maa Durga (on the occasion of Navaratri). I was spell bound by the beauty of the Rangoli. The fact I appreciate the most about the place is that the impartation of traditional values with a dash of creativity. I got the hint of what I have missed since I graduated from there. A wave of nostalgia swept over me the second I entered the premises. The place meant so much to me – I felt my entire childhood replay before my eyes. Although the place has changed beyond recognition in the past four years, the essence of the simplicity and homeliness is still very much the same.

Memories flooded my mind as I sat down in her class. Right from the silly jokes we played on our teachers to the time we spent writing our tests and completing our projects, and most importantly teasing each other….everything flashed in my mind as I walked up to my sister’s classroom. The walk up to her class was exactly what I needed to brighten my day.

Although I saw a couple of my teachers I didn’t approach them as they appeared busy with their class. Finally while leaving I caught a glimpse of my 10th grade classroom. Coincidentally it was the same room allotted to my class when I joined the school. Even today, I remember the rainy day when I first walked into the school (and got lost while trying to find my classroom).

No matter how much I hated going to school as a kid, I will always be in love with the place. Apart from introducing me to amazing people, my school has always inspired me to be the best version of myself. I would love to give back the love and care I have been showered with in any possible way I can.


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