Celebrating India

Celebrating India

Here is the article I wrote which recently got published in the college magazine

Being humans we hold little regard for the things we are gifted with and aspire for those we don’t have access to. This phenomenon applies to our culture as well. Undoubtedly the richest in cultural heritage, India seems to be fast losing its identity to numerous acquired traits and even brands.

Always on the go to chase our dreams, we treat the vital elements of our life, like family and culture, that bind us together, as insignificant. We bypass the greater picture of love, care and sharing while remaining engrossed in painting our own small one. Years down the line, we realize our follies and feel heavy at heart with regret.

Ours is one of the oldest civilizations on earth with a rich cultural history. A predominantly Hindu country, India has embraced all faiths – Islam, Christianity and Hinduism to name a few – with open arms. The countless sects within Hinduism alone are replete with their own cultural practices and folklore. About 1652 recognized languages in our country divide us but we still stand as one unit and represent ‘Unity in diversity’.

India has been a major contributor to global development. The first ever surgery in the world history was performed on this soil by Sushruta in the Vedic Age. The concepts of zero, pi and Pythagoras Theorem were all conceived here. In fact the Pythagoras theorem was pioneered in India long before even Pythagoras was born. The birthplace of Yoga and Ayurveda, this land was also an important center for trade and learning many thousands of years ago.

There is so much to celebrate about Indian culture – folklore, music, dance, theatrical forms, languages and literature, art and architecture, festivals and cuisines. The pride in being a part of our Punyabhoomi is most elating.

All said and done, it disheartens me to see that our culture, which has withstood the test of time for ages, is gradually withering.

The influence of western culture in the past few decades is a major driving factor for this. Stimulated by the exponential growth of media and accessibility to the Internet, its impact is greater than that of any past invasions. What really baffles me is whether our culture will withstand this onslaught or not. Without concrete efforts to revive it, the chances that we can preserve our age old culture are slim. However, I am sure that gradually, with each of us doing our bit, we can accomplish this challenging task.”

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