An Enthusiastic Beginning

Not very long ago had I heard this quote: वृद्धावस्था बचपन का पुणरागमन होता है, which translates to “The twilight years are the reincarnation of one’s childhood.” (Seriously, I am not referring to the movie with the vampires). I experienced this first-hand while being a part of the day-trip to Silent Hills Resort, Manor, planned by the Senior Citizens Association recently.

The trip was scheduled to begin early morning of 5th January. I was reluctant to be a part of it for a couple of reasons. The first one being the day was a Sunday – the only day in the week I can actually wake up late. The second reason was that my sister and I were the only “young blood” in the group of twenty seven. However, in retrospect, I think the trip was the best possible event to mark the beginning of a new year.

Sitting in a hired school bus, we began the hour-and-a-half long journey to Manor at about quarter-to-nine in the morning. The road was pretty smooth and the weather pleasant. Briefly stopping for tea on the way, we reached the resort at about eleven. I switched off my cell phone as I wanted to see how long I would last without it. There we were – chatting the morning away and clicking photographs. After a brief tea break, we resumed our journey to the resort.

A very delicious breakfast was followed by the main attraction of the place – the water-park. With a few slides and pools and my favourite songs, this was definitely the way to make the best of the day. The best sight was to see the elders playing in the pools as well – their childlike enthusiasm at its very best. We played for about two hours, following which we changed into warm dry clothes and had a sumptuous lunch.

I don’t remember the last time I sat on a swing without a care in the world. This was a welcome change – playing games with my sister. The rest of us rested in the “Aram Kutir” for a little while, after which we enjoyed a game of passing-the-parcel (which my sister won).

The most memorable part of the day was perhaps the boat ride. Although there were only two row-boats available, the clean water coupled with the setting sun and the cool breeze made it a picture perfect evening. We left for home after giving the poolside one last visit. Sitting on the last seat of the bus, I felt really peaceful. After a considerable amount of selfies and a long bus ride, we were home.

The most startling thing that I noticed about myself was the non-attachment towards technology. The entire day I didn’t have access to my phone and it didn’t seem to affect me at all. All we need sometimes is a little peace of mind. The most beautiful thing I noticed was the glow radiating from the elders’ faces. They weren’t the least bit tired even after such a long day. The amount of energy and enthusiasm they have is inspiring. I have seen them celebrating birthdays and festivals together. They enjoy every passing moment, and all they need is the company of one another to make each day more memorable than the previous one. Every day is filled with positivity, enthusiasm and happiness. I want to live each day of my life exactly the same way.


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