The Proudest Moment of My Life Yet

Election 2014: FAQs for first-time voters, general electors and NRI electors (© Getty Images)

The most touching video I have ever seen relating to the elections is about the first voter of independent India – Mr. Shyam Saran Negi, who has cast his vote in every election since 1951. The video reinforced my faith in the saying that every vote counts. Here is the link:

           I found another inspiration to vote – my cousin brother, who went to cast his vote even though he had a pretty injured leg. Here’s the link to his blog:

The Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) elections started from 7th April 2014 and were done in multiple phases. This was the lengthiest election in the history of India as the elections lasted till 12th May. A notable feature about these elections was the tremendous rise in the number of contesting candidates (most of them were independent). Popular faces in the entertainment industry and many sports personalities contested from various constituencies. The main reason that made the election special to me was the fact that I was a part of the 10 crore first-time voters.

Almost every other billboard in the city were adorned with posters relating to elections – while some of them were urging people to exercise their most basic fundamental right: the right to vote; the others belonged to the political parties trying to sway people in their favour. The political jokes, advertisements and campaigns became increasingly in-your-face as the day of elections, 24th April, grew closer. The theme of almost every advertisement had something to do with elections and this monotonicity became irritating after a while.

 The morning sun showed no mercy and the humidity coupled with heavily-crammed dusty and smelly surroundings didn’t help either. We had to walk some distance as cars were not allowed due to the narrow roads. A lone broom stood near the polling station (My parents joked that it was strategically placed by the Aam Aadmi Party!) Boredom and impatience slowly set in as my queue moved hardly a few inches in about half an hour. Another slow half-hour later I made it to the polling booth. After checking my name in the list of voters my finger was inked and I was directed to the polling booth, where I finally saw what an EVM looked like for the first time (you don’t get to see this appliance anywhere else :P)

Though the process was long and tiring (the wait in the queue was really boring), I felt that it was totally worth it. An inexplicable sense of happiness filled me as I saw my freshly-inked finger. Maybe it was because I care about my country…or maybe because my vote made a difference. Either way, the patriot in me was beaming with pride.


One thought on “The Proudest Moment of My Life Yet

  1. I am so proud to have been a part of this election. Everything from campaigning to results were fun to watch and follow. So one more time : Abki baar, Modi Sarkaar !!! 🙂

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