An Evening to Remember

Sometimes the best thing one can do is enjoy the simple unadulterated pleasures of life, forgetting about everything else. Although I have lived in my city for quite some time now, I never have been really inclined to explore Mumbai – especially the town area. The only occasions I remember being there are when we had to board an outstation train.


We friends had been planning for a while about going out on a weekend. The plans we made sadly never materialized as there was always some assignment to be submitted or a class test due soon. And hence we just decided to go and have fun on a whim after college. The 5pm walk to the railway station was very pleasant – it was a nice cloudy breezy evening. We hoped that it didn’t rain when we were out.

The tickets barely took any time as the rush hour hadn’t begun yet. We rushed to the platform as the train had pulled in and was about to leave any second. Fortunately, it waited long enough for all five of us to board the ladies’ coach. As we were going against the rush-hour-crowd, we had no problem with the seats. We didn’t realize how quick forty minutes would pass, as we had been busy chatting about everything under the sun. We reached the Charni Road Station at around 6.15pm, and soon made our way outside.


The place was a lot more than I had possibly expected to be. As the usual destinations for hanging out are malls or multiplexes, this experience was more than a welcome break. The sea face was pretty well maintained. We were right in the middle of Marine drive and the experience was like nothing I had had before. The old buildings lining the road imparted a completely new dimension to the otherwise plain beach. Fortunately for us, the weather was amazing. The cool breeze was the highlight of the evening. It was nothing short of a delight walking there.

The most memorable part of the evening probably was the fun we had on the beach – playing in the waves and eating junk food at the seaside. Sitting on a carpet listening to some songs, cracking jokes, clicking selfies and laughing the evening off, we saw the sky grow darker and the Marine Drive area gain a new life altogether.


The train ride back home was a different story altogether. As Charni Road station is very close to the Churchgate (where the railway line begins), we had the seats of our choice. We all were completely sapped of energy and almost fell asleep on the way. The first half of the return journey was pleasant. The crowd in the train however increased exponentially after Bandra. The insane fight to the exit at my station (even though I was barely inches from the door) marked the end of the amazing experience we had.


It is surprising that the best moments in life are the simple and uncomplicated, and have rarely anything to do with materialistic pleasures, at least in my case. It is these small moments that I remember and cherish the most.


3 thoughts on “An Evening to Remember

  1. I was renting an apartment in Bandra last year. There, I would often step out in the evening to explore Bandra. Actually, I would step out to explore Bandra almost daily. I would go through the same streets and yet, I always was introduced to something new.
    I did something similar when I worked as an intern at a law firm based at the Fort side of Mumbai. Despite walking through the same streets almost daily, I never got bored.
    Thus, I guess the town side of Mumbai will always give you the Bombay feel; it will always make you feel like you are there for the first time.

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