Best Weekend of the Year…. Comic Con Mumbai 2014 (Part 1 of 2)


Part 1, 19th December

“Wake up – Eat – TV – Sleep – Repeat.” This was the best phrase to describe my Christmas break until now. There was hardly anything eventful, other than an occasional captivating novel. The time off usually meant catching up on a much required dose of sleep, before another sleepless semester began. After visiting the Mumbai Films and Comic Convention 2013 last year, I finally found something worth waiting for. Sadly for me this year my sister couldn’t join me as she was out of town. So… decided to do something special for her.


Another reason why I found Comic Con fun was because it was the perfect place to meet friends, roam and enjoy, and finally, shop. That was the plan I had in mind this year. The programme would span over 3 days – 19th to 21st December 2014, undoubtedly the best weekend of the year. There was extra-addition to my excitement this year, as the cosplay contest would be judged by Pro-Cosplayers Miya and Shiguma, who came all the way from Japan. The list of international of invitees included Nick Spencer, Nicolas Wild, Dan Goldman, and the icing on the cake – Mark Gatiss… Yes… You read it right…At first I couldn’t believe it either. Being Sherlocked for a long time now, my heart was racing just at the thought of seeing him there! It couldn’t get better.


My initial plan was to meet my schoolmates there on 19th and have a good time. Interestingly, things didn’t go exactly as initially planned. My college classmate, whom I intended to attend the Comic Con with couldn’t come owing to a last minute meeting. My new colleague (Oh yeah, I got an internship!) offered to accompany me instead. The rest of the day went more or less the way I wanted it to be – meeting my schoolmates, a couple of whom I met after five long years… The time continuum continues to surprise me. Although the last time I met my classmates was a few years ago, it felt as if it had been yesterday. Standing in the Star Wars a posing with light sabres and speech-bubbles, and with the Avengers, we never realized how the time rolled away.


The thing I find so special about Comic Con is the attitude. Although people are complete strangers, the fact that amazes me is that they behave like one big family. I don’t think anywhere else you could walk up to a stranger and ask for a selfie with them without either of you feeling even remotely awkward! That being said, the Cosplay event took the cake. The contestants actually brought the characters to life!   It was bigger than the last year, in terms of everything – the number of contestants, the effort they put into their costumes, and finally, the fun component…My favourites included the Power Puff Girls, Maleficent and Darth Vader.



Although I missed out on Mark Gatiss’ autograph session earlier, I was pretty excited to get an Iron Man poster signed by Nick Spencer (He’s so sweet!). After all I am an Avengers (more of a Tony Stark) fan. After excitedly carrying it all day, I was more than shocked to find it missing from my bag. More on the lines of heartbroken actually, as it was almost closing time when I realised. Being absolutely positive about the fact that it couldn’t get worse, I decided to go try my luck again on the next day…




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