Highlights of 2014

This year was quite a remarkable one…Here is a toast to the most memorable moments of the year (in no particular order)…

  • Understanding love and loss. It is the essence of life.
  • Voting. Never been prouder to be an Indian!
  • Getting an Internship. I am sure that’s the best thing that happened to me this year – meeting so many amazing people and getting to learn so much from them. I will never forget the experience – especially enjoying the little moments.
  • Visiting Singapore and Thailand. I really enjoyed every moment spent there. Sitting for half-an-hour just enjoying the scenery watching the light-and-sound-show Wonder Full was one of the most unparalleled experiences.
  • Meeting Mark Gatiss in person at Comic Con Mumbai. He elevated the Christmas vacations altogether…And yeah… getting an poster autographed by Nick Spencer…Another addition to my most treasured possessions 🙂
  • Celebrating the success of the Mars Orbiter Mission. Certainly the proudest moment of the year. I don’t understand why most of us don’t share my enthusiasm.
  • Talking to my cousins… and recollecting old memories. Life has changed so much since the past 365 days! Makes me realise I have grown so much…
  • Reconnecting with most of my old friends. Seeing them after two long years was more than a treat to me.
  • Spending hours with my friends talking about life. Pouring out our hearts, talking about impossible situations and laughing like complete retards.
  • Making new friends, especially at the Internship and at Comic Con. Meeting people and learning about their experiences is an enriching experience in itself.
  • Upgrading my phone… It feels so much better now!
  • Reading books that drastically changed the way I looked at things. I really enjoyed “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini, “Romancing the Balance Sheet” by Anil Lamba
  • Discovering a lot of crazy stuff on YouTube – Nigahiga, Maximbady (I don’t know why!) and Vitalyzdtv… Non-stop entertainment for hours.
  • Visiting South Bombay after such a long time. Marine Lines was one of the experiences I had been longing for in a long time.
  • Watching awesome movies like Exodus with my classmates (and finding the lamest of reasons to giggle).
  • Watching Interstellar. That movie packed some punch. And watching it with my sister was the icing on the cake.
  • Speaking of movies…some bad Bollywood experiences such as Kill/Dil. I’m particularly surprised that I survived through the movie “Happy Ending.” It was worse than R…Rajkumar (although I initially believed that such an occurrence was impossible)!
  • Ditching Facebook for a major part of the year. I realised how much time I saved!


If any of my friends are reading this…I hope that reading about the pleasant memories we shared brings a smile to your face. Looking forward to a fun-filled 2015!


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