A Welcome Break (Part 2 of 3)

Here is the link to the previous part of this experience. https://nehaslife.wordpress.com/2015/04/30/a-welcome-break/

Part 2: Club Mahindra Tungi Resort. Day 1

After leaving the Prati Balaji Temple near Narayanpur, we proceeded to our resort. Club Mahindra resorts are known for their aesthetic planning, and more importantly privacy due to seclusion from the busy areas. Club Mahindra Tungi Resort overlooks the picturesque Pavna Lake. Being the closest resort from Mumbai, getting a reservation at Tungi Resort on a short notice at the beginning of the peak season was nothing short of a miracle for me. The journey to the resort was quite pleasant, if we ignore the last 10km (if you are prone to motion sickness, be prepared for one hell of a ride).

The morning idlis at the Food Court didn’t satisfy us for long, and all of us were pretty hungry by the time we reached Lonavala. We chose to have lunch at Om Shiv Sagar Restaurant (a cozy local restaurant) over a big chain like Dominos, as the estimated wait period there during weekends is generally more than an hour. Anyway, the lunch there was decent and reasonably priced. We bought some chikki and chocolate almond fudge from Maganlal’s before beginning the final leg of our journey for the day. INS Shivaji is on the route to the resort, and the road until then was pretty decent. The bumpy part was the final 5km, which tested our patience. The sense of relief we felt as we pulled into the Club Mahindra premises was notable.


Our Keycards

Another thing that I really love about the Club Mahindra is the politeness of the staff. They are the most courteous staff I have ever known. Be it Coorg or Tungi, everybody greets you with a smile and goes out of the way to make you feel comfortable. We were welcomed with a glass of Tang on arrival at 4pm and the key-cards to our two rooms were handed to us in a matter of minutes. We were taken to our rooms in Golf Carts, and our luggage arrived shortly after. I was delighted to find out that our rooms looked really welcoming. I was happier to find out that the balcony attached to the room overlooked the lake. It was a really pleasant view and was totally worth the bumpy ride.

After resting and lazing around for an hour, we went out. My sister and I chose to explore the area a little to see what all facilities were available. We were not the least bit disappointed – there were quite a few activities. Apart from the daily treks, there were games like Table Tennis, Badminton, Football and Basketball. They also have a variety of board games. My sister and I began the evening with a game of Connect4, followed by Football with other kids. There was quite a lot to explore – they even had a small garden! Sitting on the see-saw made me feel like we were kids again.

The highlight of the evening was enjoying the sunset relaxing on the recliner by the pool overlooking the lake. As the sun set, the sounds of the birds chirping and the insects filled the air. As the sky faded from a bright blue to navy, we saw stars brighten it up. The soft lights on our way to the activity area only added to the beauty of the evening. My day of pleasant surprises was not over yet. I was excited to know that we had Karaoke there. After a not-so-delightful karaoke session (I wouldn’t really categorise my performance as a hit), I retired to the room for the evening. I decided to skip dinner to work on my upcoming viva and presentation, and chatted with a friend before having the most amazing slumber possible.

Here is the link to the next (and the last) part of the series –  https://nehaslife.wordpress.com/2015/05/05/a-welcome-break-3/


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