A Welcome Break (Part 3 of 3)

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Day 2

The second (and the last) day of our trip began at 7.30am. I found it really difficult to get out of the bed, as the comforter was too comforting. After being finally pulled outside by my sis, I decided to explore the area along with my parents and sister. We were joined by my grandpa for once nice long walk. The weather was just perfect and the flower shrubs lining the path just brightened up my day.

After spending a good portion of an hour walking, we decided to have breakfast. We were pleasantly surprised to find a toy train taking us there. It was a mini-bus with connecting compartments, the awesomest part of which was the fixed sunroof. It just gave the simple experience a completely different dimension.


We went to Ripples (the restaurant) for breakfast. We chose the breakfast-lunch combo owing to the pleasant experience we had in Coorg three years ago (I also realised that skipping dinner the night before may not have been my best decision).

The breakfast was as grand as I had expected it to be – it had a combination of Indian cuisine (poha, parathas and so on), traditional breakfast (eggs, cereal, cakes and a bunch of juices) and salads. It would have been perfect if they had waffles and pancakes with maple syrup (I wouldn’t mind Nutella either). If you plan to be there any time in the near future, don’t miss out on the cheese omelette. It was heavenly. Another couple of things which left me really intrigued were cucumber juice and pineapple chutney (Leave aside tasting, I hadn’t even heard of them before. They were definitely worth a try).

We spent the next hour after breakfast playing UNO in the room. It was fun (and later frustrating) to see my sister defeating me almost every time. After a couple of Table Tennis matches in the activity room, we decided to go enjoy at the pool. We were spoilt for choice as there were 3 pools – one overlooking the lake (where my sis and I had been the night before), another one under the shade of the trees, and another small pool. We decided to go to the one under the shade of the trees.


I knew I would be damned when it came to my internal exams, but the experience was well worth it. When we finally got out of the pool a couple of hours later, we realised the need to rush to Ripples if we wanted lunch. And after an amazing breakfast experience, I was all the more excited for lunch.

With every passing moment, the feeling of sadness came over me. We barely had a couple of hours to leave, although we had the room for another day. The uncertainty of the viva and the presentation started to get to me. Fortunately for me, the lunch managed to cheer me up. As we returned to our rooms one last time to pack up, I just didn’t feel like leaving. With a heavy heart my sis, mom and I walked to the reception.

Entrance to the spa

In conclusion I would specially like to thank the Club Mahindra Staff for such excellent and timely service. They were really courteous and went out of their way to make our stay pleasant. Special thanks to the driver Mr. Arvind, for excellent service.

Here are a few tips for those who plan to visit Club Mahindra Tungi Resort in the near future

  • This resort, being the closest one to Mumbai, is one of the most-favourites (as a good chunk of Mumbai population is seen in Lonavala-Khandala area during the summers). People who get reservations here are pretty lucky.
  • That being said, the minimum period for booking is 2 days. Ideally choose the weekdays, as getting a weekend reservation is both unlikely and not that comfortable (due to the crowd)
  • For people prone to motion sickness, it is advisable to have something like Avomine before the last 10km stretch to the resort.
  • Check-in time is around 2pm. Plan your trip accordingly.
  • Choose the rooms overlooking the lake. The view is better than the 1-BHKs
  • Carry mosquito repellent creams.
  • They have activities for people of every age group. Good place to visit with friends or family. For those who want to relax they even have a spa named Svaastha
  • They have daily organised treks, for which registration should be done at least a couple of hours in advance.
  • Carry some card games and swimsuit with you (and maybe a beach ball or something like that). It’s fun.
  • Lockers are available near the pool area.
  • They don’t have WiFi. In case you need to use the internet you have the option of using one in the activity area, or your good ol’ cellular data
  • The weather is fiery during the summers. Sunscreen lotion suggested
  • If you are coming from Pune-Satara side, keep an eye out for fresh fruits along the highway. You will enjoy them. Especially from November to April, figs are really good. We got great figs and guavas near the Prati Balaji Temple.
  • Lastly, alcoholic beverages are not served on the premises. I don’t think you are allowed either.

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