Bengaluru Diaries: Sunday with Cousins

This week was pretty exciting, as I explored a little more of Bengaluru and also got to spend time with my cousins. In the post about my uncle/cousin’s marriage, I had spoken about missing the company of the Gang-leaders. Well, as it turns out, my cousin Nikhil was planning to visit India soon. Although I knew that a visit here was on the cards, I didn’t know exactly when. He gave me a pleasant surprise by telling me that he was already in Bengaluru, and that he wanted to meet up. I was more than happy to, and we decided to spend the Sunday at our cousin Samarth’s house.

I found it very difficult to sleep on Saturday night, as my excitement knew no bounds. Nikhil is notorious for his perfect time sense, and I didn’t want to disappoint him by being late. I ended up setting 4 alarms (I woke up when the second one rang), so that we could reach just before breakfast. The morning was bright, and Nikhil was bang on time to pick me up. We decided to use the cab services for our 15+ km journey. I had never used an online cab service before, and my interest was piqued after reading how much the drivers earn in a week. We used Ola for the onward journey. Not only was the service fast, it was cheaper than rickshaws in Bengaluru and really comfortable. Not to mention, the driver was a lot politer than the rickshaw-guys.

Spending time with cousins and family really made my day. It was the best way to spend the Sunday. Cracking jokes and chatting for hours, we never understood how time passed. We enjoyed all the more by playing games. Who knew small games like Gully Cricket would lead to having the greatest amount of fun! Seeing Nikhil and Samarth playing brought back memories from Hubli last year.

Speaking of games, the three of us downloaded and installed FunRun2 on our phones, and had quite a bit of fun with it. I don’t mind playing that game for hours together – it is some fun. Playing the game with loved ones makes it all the more enjoyable. I particularly like the lightning power up – it really manages to annoy everybody else! As we chatted for a few moments before our departure, Nikhil mentioned something about planning an outing for the entire family before he left for USA. As Nikhil’s parties are one of a kind. I couldn’t be more excited.

For the journey back home, we chose Uber. I was amazed as the driver was there in less than 5 minutes. Although it was just an Indica, the cab was really well maintained and the ride was comfortable. Conversing with the driver, we learnt a little more about how the service exactly worked. Comparing the two cab services – Ola and Uber, I found the Uber experience a cut above that of Ola.

I feel that every day here is special, filled with its own share of surprises. Every week gives me something more to look forward to. Coming to Bengaluru was one of the best opportunities I could have had, and I am more than glad that I grabbed it.


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