Bengaluru Diaries: Guhantara (Part 2 of 2)

For the 1st part of our Guhantara adventure, here is the link –

For the video capturing our best moments at Guhantara, here s the link to Nikhil’s blog –

The fun we had while playing Badminton and Cricket encouraged us to try out the other activites that Guhantara offered. Seeing someone else zoom across the field on the Zip Line, Chinna aunty was tempted to give it a shot. Well, I haven’t spent much time with her before, and had frankly was surprised by her adventurousness! In a matter of minutes we were at the platform signing liability waiver forms, and scaling the 30 feet high ladder to the platform. Nitya “volunteered” to go first, and dared me to come next. I started climbing after she reached, and joined her in a couple of minutes. I was just in time to see her harness get hooked to the Zip Line. The guy managing the rope activities instructed her to hold the line with both her hands, and to jump out. She held on to the line, but was rather reluctant about the jumping part. Ultimately she was pushed from the platform. The rest of it was simple, as she had to just keep their arms away from the line and bend the knees while reaching the other platform. Being right behind her, I knew exactly what to expect and found the process relatively easy. Chinna Aunty followed us soon. Like Nitya, she also found it a little difficult in the beginning. But once she caught the drift, she really enjoyed it. Quite a few others were inspired to give the Zip Line a shot after seeing her.

The Tug-of-War was the next big event that Nikhil had planned. We were all looking forward to it, as this was one event in which everyone could participate at once. We all treated ourselves to a glass of sugarcane juice, to replenish our energy. We began with a series of matches between individuals. It was fun seeing people battle it out with the rope as everybody else cheered on. Our youngest cousins looked really adorable as they tugged the rope with all their strength. The atmosphere became all the more charged when another family joined us briefly. There were 11 people on either side. For the first few seconds, it was impossible to predict the winner. We won ultimately. The credit for the win goes to Malatesh Uncle, who tied the rope to his waist and pulled with all his might. He essentially anchored our team and helped them win. The opponents never realised!

For the last game, we split ourselves into 2 teams of 11 each. It took us few minutes just to position ourselves! Well, Anil Uncle was at the end of the rope in our team. Malatesh Uncle joined the other team as his counterpart. This time Malatesh uncle didn’t tie the rope to his waist! The match finally began. For the first few seconds I was sure of Nikhil’s team winning – their grip was really strong. But something changed after that, as they slowly lost grip of the rope. The match ended with Nikhil slipping over to our side. The Tug-of-War was the craziest amount of fun I have had in a long time. We had a few family photos with the rope, after which Nitin distributed the lunch coupons.

I enjoyed the lunch a lot more than the breakfast. There were a lot more options available – and the food was really appetising after an afternoon of non-stop activities. I really enjoyed the Roti-Subzi and the pasta. The best part of the lunch was the dessert – pairing hot gajar halwa with the vanilla ice-cream was definitely a masterstroke. The components complemented each other really well. Needless to say, it found many takers.

We changed into our swimming costumes and hit the biggest pool soon after. Splashing and playing with the yellow smiley ball in the pool, we never realised when an hour passed by. My cousin brothers do know how to have a great time. After playing the usual game of catch, they came up with a series of wacky games. The first one was the dive-catch. They tried to get the perfecr video of catching the smiley ball just before they hit the water. I guess they managed to get decent videos after a few tries. Things got a little crazy from there, as the next game included the brothers dividing themselves in groups of 2. Nitya and I refused to be a part of it second they mentioned sitting on each other’s shoulders in the pool and trying to knock the other team members down. The next one was even crazier, as they decided to play cricket in the water using Nikhil’s GoPro cam and the camera stick as the bat. It was basically about testing the waterproofing of the camera in a really weird way. Although we concluded that the waterproofing of the camera was pretty good, the game wasn’t really a hit. The last game they played was a little more conventional, in which they held their breath underwater. At some point of time, everyone but Rahul had emerged, and we were actually worried if he was fine. He reassured us with a thumbs-up, and finally emerged after holding his breath for over a minute. We took a few pool selfies before we proceeded to the rain dance at the Amphitheatre.

Nitya and I were a little apprehensive about rain dance, as it was too crowded – there wasn’t an inch of space! Nikhil and the rest of the team seemed to enjoy it though. Nitya and I joined our group there soon. Dancing to the songs in ankle-deep water (for some of the songs we couldn’t even decipher the language – leave aside the lyrics!), while cold water rained on us, had its own charm. The youngest cousins seemed to have a great time dancing and splashing water around. Sujata Aunty was at her peak, as watching her groove to the beat enlivened the whole thing up. We went to the pool to enjoy one last time, post which we took a shower, changed into dry clothes and treated ourselves to onion pakoras and tea. The outing wasn’t done yet, as we spent the last two hours celebrating Nikhil’s cousin Shubha’s birthday with a decadent chocolate cake.


The outing not only redefined Sundays, but also gave us an occasion to connect with our relatives and celebrate with them. Seeing everyone have a great time was only the icing on the cake. Hats off to Nikhil for making the whole thing possible.

For those who want to visit Guhantara in the near future, here are a few pointers –

  • Guhantara is a great place to visit with family; a lot of adventure activities are available at reasonable rates. Overnight staying facilities are also available.
  • It would be preferable to go during off-seasons or weekdays, as it can get pretty crowded
  • Driving your vehicle to the resort is one of the best options to get there. Google Maps is pretty accurate about the location.
  • Food is pretty good. I enjoyed the lunch menu.
  • The indoor games are good – they have Carrom, Darts, Billiards, Table Tennis and Foosball.
  • Outdoor activities include Zorbing, Mechanical Bull, Cycling, Bungee Trampoline, Go-Karting etc. They even have horses for those interested in rides.
  • For those who are up to it, they have Paintball as well.
  • There are a bunch of outdoor games – Volleyball, Badminton, Football, Cricket, Archery etc. The equipment can be rented.
  • They have a bunch of rope activities – Zip Line, Commando Bridge Crossing, Rope-Bridge etc. They even have rock climbing!
  • Rain dance is there in the afternoon. It is fun.
  • If you are planning a day trip, it is advisable to carry an extra pair of clothes, swimsuit, towels etc. Swimwear is also available for purchase. Also carry a plastic cover for wet clothes.
  • For those interested, there is a spa as well as a fish pedicure available.

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