Bengaluru Diaries: The Metro Experience

Most of my wishlist came true in the final weeks of my stay – I visited Cornerhouse Ice-cream and had their signature ice-cream: Death by Chocolate (DBC, as it is fondly known, is all about vanilla ice-cream topped generously with thick warm chocolate sauce and garnished with a handful of peanuts and a few cherries). It was the best experience ever, as I could feel different flavours exploding in my mouth.

At the beginning of my stay, I had expressed my desire to experience Namma Metro (I had been inspired to try out the service ever since I heard my cousin Nikhil speak about it) to my uncle and aunt. My wish finally came true on my last Sunday at Bengaluru.


Presently the Metro line runs from Baiyapannahalli to M G Road. We boarded the train at the Indira Nagar station. I was left awestruck from the very moment we stepped off the escalator. I had never experienced Metro before, and thus every second was special. Everything seemed unreally beautiful – right from the very idea of using reprogrammable tokens in place of tickets, to the markings on the platform informing about the entrances. The way the metro station was maintained in itself was enough to render me really impressed and proud. We sat on the chairs waiting for our train to arrive.

The train was bright and really well maintained. The 4.5 km journey ended pretty quickly – I really wished it had been a little longer, as the views outside looked pretty good – a stream of red and yellow lights at various places. I couldn’t see much though, as it was pretty dark. The most amazing spectacle was the Brigade Road area. In stark contrast to the surrounding areas, the place was bustling with life.

We alighted at MG Road station and proceeded towards Brigade Road. My aunt explained to me that the place was one of the biggest commercial centres in the city, and that it almost resembled the NY Times Square on New Years’ eve. As we had made an impromptu trip and had no specific place in mind, we decided to keep walking. It was quite a walk – the ambience coupled with the cool monsoon breeze gave the evening a completely different flavour. Various shops lined either side of the road – popular brands to trendy street shopping, the place had it all. We found a few gems on exploring – the most memorable one was Pohieer’s Kulfi. Fig and Honey was a really good combination, and tasted heavenly. After enjoying a donut at Dunkin Donuts, we went for a celebratory dinner at Pizza Hut (celebrating the successful completion of my internship).

We decided to take a walk at MG Road before boarding a Metro train back to Indira Nagar station. The long track starting from the M G Road Metro station entrance had a lot to offer apart from good views of MG Road and a couple of cozy restaurants. The place was pretty artful, although simple. We saw a few iconic buildings – Barton Centre and the Higginbothams Bookstore. The huge chandelier in the Joyalukkas was one of the grandest things that caught my eye that evening.


We walked to the station and bought tokens for the journey back home. I spent most of the ten-minute long journey thinking about all the amazing memories that I had had. There couldn’t have been a more befitting end to my stay.


2 thoughts on “Bengaluru Diaries: The Metro Experience

  1. It was really soothing to read all your posts about Bangalore. Not only did I recollect my memories, but also I felt proud and happy about Blore. You did a commendable job in documenting your experiences. Happy blogging. 🙂


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