Highlights of 2015


Another year has zoomed by, and left me with quite a bundle of eventful memories. Here are a few of them –

  • Getting an opportunity to interact with amazing people and learning so much from them – especially Kapoor Uncle-Aunty at Bengaluru, and Roshan Aunty
  • Going beyond all geographical barriers, coordinating with my cousins and giving my maternal grandma the perfect possible gift on her birthday
  • Improving on my management skills…they aren’t as sucky as they used to be earlier…
  • Attending TechFest at IIT-Bombay in the beginning of the year with my sis and a bestie. 😀 There couldn’t be a better start to the year
  • Enjoying my heart out at Club Mahindra Tungi Resort before my internship began
  • Going to Bengaluru for my internship for two long months
  • Attending a cousin’s wedding and getting all dolled up for the functions– just a nice reminder that we are all grown up
  • Visiting lots of places in Bengaluru with friends and cousins and enjoying every possible moment with my uncle and aunt!
  • Meeting so many cousins in such a short time – never thought I would enjoy every passing moment so much
  • Catching up with school buddies after a complete YEAR. I cherish every single second of our sleepover
  • Rediscovering sunsets at Film City and an impromptu boat ride at Chhota Kashmir before having chaat – even the thought brings a huge smile to my face
  • Impromptu ice-cream trips with my sister. Yup – I get to spoil her 😀
  • Enjoying the festival of lights with my relatives – having three days of pure fun
  • Feeling “victorious” after surviving 10 exams in 11 days
  • Surviving 2 back-to-back power packed semesters in my college, only to have another begin after a “daylong” vacation
  • Watching “The Martian” late at night (and seeing my sister doze off exactly at the climactic scene)
  • Star Wars Marathon – 6 movies in 2 days! And finally understanding what makes Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker so special
  • Getting my room renovated – it seems a lot bigger and better now
  • Having an amazing December – Friend’s birthday bash, Mood Indigo and Comic Con falling on the same weekend
  • Speaking of Comic Con – meeting a lot of really cool people there – especially the EIC guys before we left! They are a REALLY cool bunch
  • Last but not the least, getting a chance to intern at a really amazing company next year.


Looking forward to another year filled with fun and loads of experiences…


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