Chennai Chronicles: The Beginning

Here begins another chapter of my life… Life has been moving at a hyperspeed for me – It has been about 4 months of a power packed semester which was followed by 9 end-semester-exams in 11 days! To cap it all, I had to leave for Chennai the very next day after the semester-end exams for an internship that would span about 20 weeks.  My excitement knew no bounds as I pushed my trolley through the entry gate of Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport terminal T2, along with my classmate Jahnavi. And every moment since has been more than memorable.

The Jet Airways flight was a lot better than I expected. The food was good, the cabin crew really hospitable, and the experience in general was great. For the first time I actually got a seat which was not overlooking the wing. I actually could see a lot more of the scenery outside! Seeing Mumbai city disappear made a million emotions flood my mind – the excitement for the experience that lay ahead, and the fear of uncertainty being the most dominant ones. This was my first time completely alone, and the thought itself was giving me jitters. My organisation has been really sweet to us interns – provided us a transit stay of about a week in addition to booking our plane tickets. We had had an induction programme on the Ides of March, and I was really thrilled to be a part of it. I met a couple of other people – who were posted in Chennai – Pearly and Arijeet. Their tenure, however, began a month and a half before ours.

Coming back to my first day at Chennai, my excitement fizzled out as I stepped out of the airport terminal – the weather was a bit sultrier than I expected. The cab ride to the hotel was pretty decent though. The hotel, however, really lifted my mood. I just loved the place – the room was just perfect, and it was a couple of kilometres from the office. I also ended up making two new best buddies in the first couple of days – Google Maps and Ola Cabs. Although I lost my way to the office and ended up paying thrice the amount I was supposed to, I somehow managed to reach well before time. It didn’t take me much time to get used to Chennai and its rhythm.


It’s been about six weeks since I got here, and I have had quite a few bittersweet (mostly sweet) experiences – celebrating my birthday away from home for the first time (I know this sounds childish…but birthday always meant celebrating with family for me), moving into a PG, planning a trip to a Mysore for my cousin’s wedding at the last moment (and getting stranded outside my PG at 5am as there were no Ola cabs available), earning my first stipend and blowing it off on gifts, seeing my sister score a spectacular 97.3% in her board exams, standing outside the PG apartment for almost an hour late at night because of a power-cut in the unforgiving weather, finishing a 480-page book in 8 hours, late night ice-creams with flatmates, and what not! Chennai has turned out to be a lot more interesting than I thought.




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