Chennai Chronicles: A Perfect Sunday

3rd July 2016

I had been meaning to visit Marina Beach ever since I landed in Chennai, but procrastination got the better of me. Finally, at the end of half my time here, I finally seized the opportunity. Three of my flatmates and I made an impromptu plan at 10pm on a boring Friday evening to just go and enjoy the beach. Although there wasn’t much to be seen (we couldn’t even see the sea!) we ended up falling in love with the beach and the breeze, so much that we decided to visit it again.

Following the advice my mentor gave us in the first week here, my roomie and I decided to visit Marina Beach early in the morning. Considering that the sun rises in Chennai pretty early (around 5.45am give or take) we decided to wake up by 5am and change into tracksuits. With groggy eyes, we booked an Uber at 5.30am. Our drowsiness made us get off at MGR Memorial, and we walked to the beach from there half-annoyed at our lack of direction.

The coarse golden sand lined with a thousand footprints and the occasional crabs that danced on the shore, the cool and refreshing salty breeze, the blue sky patched with clouds and the infinite blue sea made the experience unreal (It even got me thinking if this was what heaven would feel like!). And a long philosophical walk with my roomie was just the icing this cake needed. We sat down on the sand, admiring the marvel of nature and taking in every bit of beauty that the city had to offer. Kudos to the Tamil Nadu State Government for doing a fantabulous job of maintaining the really long beach – the old buildings and the beautifully maintained road give the place a charm of its own. At half-past-seven we hailed a cab back home and did what every student would usually do after accomplishing a target– sleep soundly for the next few hours, and wake up as fresh as a daisy – with absolutely no clue about what to do for the remainder of the day.

After a lazy lunch of rice and paneer butter masala, I retired to my room to binge watch half-a-season of White Collar. And before I could realize how time had slipped by it was half-past-six! My roomie, wanting to attend the evening mass at St. Theresa’s Church, signalled me to rush. Getting dressed the fastest we could, we booked an Ola Auto. The church looks just splendid in the evening – just picture perfect. The evening mass was an experience in itself – I am at a loss for words for the beauty of the experience.

Labelling the day as a cheat-day (yup…cheating the usual diet), we began our walk the special place that would really delight our taste buds – Tuscana Pizzeria at Wallace Gardens, Nungambakkam. We had narrowed down on this after reading the reviews on Zomato. The place brought a big smile to my face as we stepped in – the aroma of the wood-fired oven filled the restaurant and fuelled my hunger further. Choosing the pizza was the toughest part now – everything appeared delicious and our hunger was growing (no thanks to the aroma of the oven). After a bit of debating, we zeroed down on one. We waited for the pizza, talking about almost everything under the sun (I do remember discussing at depth about how selfie trend is ruining people). We savoured every bit of the pizza – it was just delicious, and it had been REALLY long since I had eaten something made in a wood-fired oven. We chose to end the meal with a chocolate cake at Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory close by. I highly recommend the Tiny Chocolate Cake for those who like not-so-tiny cakes (Don’t go by the name…the cake is MASSIVE). We took roughly an hour to finish one together.


We decided to watch Saala Khadoos to end the perfect weekend. It turns out that my roomie and I have a lot more in common than I previously thought – we both are fans of Madhavan (which is not exactly surprising, as most South Indians are…but still!).


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