Highlights of 2017

Here is a collection of my favorite moments this year.

  • Beginning the last semester of my university life – I couldn’t believe that the time flies so fast
  • Travelling to Ahmedabad along with Kriti and Sree to attend Apu’s brother’s wedding, and having the time of our lives
  • Going to Ganapatipule for Avva’s birthday – replaying our childhood at the Ganapatipule Beach, chatting with uncles and aunts, playing games and enjoying every second to the fullest
  • Enjoying an amazing evening at Marine Drive and the Taraporewala Aquarium with Neeti and Sree
  • Going cycling at Sanjay Gandhi National Park with my sweetest friends, even though it scared the hell out of me. Falling off the cycle and laughing it off. Finishing the perfect afternoon with the lunch at The Fusion Kitchen
  • Being overjoyed after finally getting the offer letter from my dream company
  • Feeling nostalgic while working on research projects, presenting and taking tests for the last time
  • Attending the farewell and dancing my heart out. Relishing an ice-cream with my gang at the end of the evening
  • Planning a trip to Ooty in a very short time, and enjoying every bit of the experience.
  • Enjoying a carefree laid back lunch with my college gang, and reminiscing about the amazing half-a-decade-long journey together
  • Being pleasantly surprised on my birthday by my parents and a couple of great friends
  • Appearing for the semester-end exams for the last time in university life, and taking the stairs from the roof to the exit the last time. Dancing to the Dhol beats crazily with the rest of the batch, celebrating the amazing 5-year long roller coaster ride
  • Enjoying about six weeks at home before the beginning of corporate life, and making some amazing friends in the process. Seeing one of my best friends get accepted into an amazing university was definitely one of my proudest moments.
  • Beginning my corporate life and meeting amazing people during the induction week, and meeting some fantastic people there.
  • Going to Marine Drive with my friends late in the evening and chatting the hours away discussing most random things possible
  • Flying out to Guwahati for the Cross Functional Training with five other trainees
  • Learning in depth about the telecommunications industry in Guwahati and enjoying a lot in the process, and having an immensely increased appreciation for the work done by the sales force.
  • Making last minute plans for international “breakfast” trips – visiting Samdrup Jongkhar in Bhutan and enjoying the local architecture, culture and the market
  • Visiting the Balaji Temple near Guwahati, the tea plantations, and seeing from a distance the rhinos at the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Spending a weekend in Meghalaya, the abode of clouds; and visiting places such as Shillong, Cherrapunji, Dawki and Mawlynnong Village (the cleanest village in Asia). Mental promise to self – to go and enjoy the places once again soon.
  • Getting my pay credited to my salary account for the first time – I will never forget the butterflies in my stomach as I received  the SMS!
  • Visiting interesting places in Guwahati, such as the Umananda Temple, and watching a few of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle of our mythology fall into place
  • Embarking on a 7-hour journey back to Mumbai for the convocation, and being completely surprised to see my parents at the airport to pick me up.
  • Meeting with close friends, and being humbled by my sister’s love. She surprised me by making overnight bus journey just to be there when I would receive my degree.
  • Learning and enjoying while bonding with the new team at work – the opportunities are endless!
  • Catching up with college buddies on a whim and spending the evening chatting over awesome food
  • Experiencing live concerts by Brijesh Shandilya, Kanika Kapoor and Shaan in our office was definitely the best perks of the office life this year!
  • Meeting my toddler cousins – the naughtiness, happiness and curiosity in their eyes just blows my mind away
  • Meeting extended family at Hampi for Diwali – it was quite an experience meeting everyone after such a long time, especially singing a duet of Lag Jaa Gale with a cousin I met after many years! Another of my favorite moments is being spellbound as a younger cousin played the violin
  • Sleeping over at my bestie’s after more than a year and chatting about almost everything under the sun was definitely the best way to welcome the Christmas eve.

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